Plastic being an integral part of our life has otherwise become a menace in garbage after being thrown irresponsibly after its use. In India, 60% of the 15,000 tons (1000 kg is 1 ton) of plastic waste generated every day is being recycled to new products. The rest 40% are being dumped/burnt in landfill/dumping site. Most of the other dry waste (rubber, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic cans etc.) are being removed by the informal sectors as they are being offered good value by the recyclers. Its only plastic carry bags/packing materials which are generally seen left over along with wet waste and some inerts. These waste do not bio-degrade but will remain as it is for several years polluting our environment; a serious cause of worry.

The presence of plastic in garbage is one of the factors which is hampering source segregation and further handling of waste. In-spite of many efforts being made by the city corporations, source segregation is still remains challenge. K K Plastic Waste Management Ltd after five years of rigorous research has come with innovative technologies which can scientifically reuse/recycle the plastic waste in many construction works.